We Determine Happiness, Just As We Determine What To Eat

05 May
We Determine Happiness, Just As We Determine What To Eat

It’s very simple! Just as we determine what we want to eat, we also have power and control over when we want to be happy. I’ve learned this over the last few weeks when I started accepting that life sucks and I was dealt this awful hand in life, with a mental illness. But you know what I discovered? I have control over this illness and I also have control over if I allow it to bring me down, or allow it to change my outlook. Look, I get and understand how difficult it is to bring yourself to an idea such as mine. I get it. But not trying and just continuing to head down a path of self-destruction, well, that isn’t a path to take. Get it out. Get loud. Get angry. Be pissed off. Let those emotions out and you’ll find clarity at the end of the horrible tunnel, the tunnel that I myself was trapped in for quite some time. Just know that you’re not alone and that you can make it through this. You just have to believe in your strength, and allow yourself the power to be happy, and feel great about yourself. Trust me, it won’t be easy, but it’s recovery, and if I’ve learned anything about recovery, it’s this: Recovery Is Possible! Not every day is going to be happy, so don’t get discouraged and let down, just because of one sour thought or person or day. The battle against your thoughts and your mind is a battle that you were born to win. So accept that there’s something wrong, accept that life sucks and accept that you’ll have to fight like hell just to be happy. Once you accept it, once you finally tell yourself that you have the power to alter your thoughts, and override your own mind, well, that’s when you can finally be happy. So get the help you need, reach out to the people you trust, and tell yourself EVERY DAY, “I’m Possible”.

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