Mental Illness Stigma

25 Mar

The negative stigma of mental illness is really concerning since so many people struggle with a mental illness of some sort. People need to wake up about this and quit blowing off mental illness like it’s nothing to worry about. I have come across so many people who just don’t understand how difficult it is to live and deal with a mental illness every single day. I just don’t get how people can tell someone with a mental illness that they’re just looking for “attention” or to just “get over it.” Would you tell someone who has cancer to stop looking for “attention” and to just “get over it?” No, you probably wouldn’t because you would be considered a cold-hearted uncaring bastard. I don’t know how it should be any different with someone who is suffering from a mental illness. People are killing themselves due to so many people misunderstanding their problems. People who want to just call those with mental disorders “whiny” or “crybabies” are the cause of this. This is on YOU. If you tell someone they are just being whiny or to stop attention-seeking or to just get over it, and the person kills themselves because they feel like they don’t belong in a world where they are constantly misunderstood, then I hope you’re content with being responsible for that. It disgusts me that people can deliberately do this knowing it will upset the person even further, and could even push the person over the edge. The person’s body may not be physically sick, but their mind is. And that’s not any less serious than any other illness. This negative stigma towards mental illness has got to rectified. PEOPLE NEED TO CHANGE. Get over your ignorant beliefs that mental illnesses are just an excuse to be whiny or an attention-seeking thing. They’re not. They’re serious and should be taken that way. So many people need help and they can’t get it because of this problem. Something needs to be done. This is getting out of hand.

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