Hiding Behind a Wall of Perfection

12 Feb
Hiding Behind a Wall of Perfection

It’s never easy to keep it together all the time. The expected notion of staying calm and pretending like nothing is bothersome. Well, NEWSFLASH! It’s not working. This is an area in which I like to call hiding behind a wall of perfection. Have you ever had a friend, coworker, or even a family member ask you what’s wrong? Did you truly believe that they REALLY, 100% wanted to actually know what was wrong with you? There are some odds betting that they really did not want to hear it. It’s human nature to ask a person, who in our terms isn’t their normal self, the question of what’s going on. As you are trying to hold onto that wall of perfection, you start to lose grip, and reality begins to hit. Deep down inside of you, somewhere, is a broken soul. So damaged beyond repair. You walk around with your heart on your shoulder, presenting this tough interior, when really, you’re about to collapse, and fall really hard. Emotions are tricky, and a lot of what we do, we tie our emotions into it. You might think that without your emotions, you won’t have to feel the pain. As it is true, it is also true that you won’t feel the good times. Your Doctor, Therapist, and even your Parents, they don’t understand. No matter how hard you try to express your pain, they can’t. For one simple reason: It’s your journey. You’re the one that’s supposed to understand. I could go on and on about how great life is, which it is, but I want to stress the importance of the pain you must deal with, as for it creates who you are. Trust me, I’ve been there, and to this day, will still find myself there at times. But let me tell you this: Life is a gift. How you choose to use it is up to you.

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