23 Jan

If you’re in school or college, chances are you’ll have to give some type of presentation in front of the class at some point during the semester. For most people, this causes major anxiety. Speaking in front of an audience is nerve-wracking for some people. While giving a presentation, many people experience some uncomfortable symptoms. According to eHow, “Anxiety during an oral presentation may cause heart palpitations, sweating, hyperventilating, shaking, stuttering, forgetfulness, dry mouth, dizziness, faintness, nausea and even may cause you to faint.” However, there are several things you can do to prevent these symptoms from occurring.

Personally, speaking in front of an audience giving a presentation is extremely nerve-wracking for me. During this semester, I have to give several presentations in 3 of my classes, which is killing my anxiety. For those of us that have bad anxiety about speaking in front of people to give a presentation, here are a couple things you can do to help you stay calm during a presentation:

1) Use note cards. Writing down the important points of your presentation will help reduce your anxiety. When you feel anxious, you tend to forget what you want to say causing you to stutter, which is embarrassing. Having the note cards will help you remember what you want to say and keep you on topic.

2) Take deep breaths. Before you do your presentation, take some deep breaths. Deep breathing will help calm your nerves down. If you start to feel anxious during the presentation, take some deep breaths. This will help keep you from experiencing any symptoms of anxiety.

3) Focus on your presentation. Do not focus on your anxiety. Focusing on the fact that you’re anxious is not going to help you any. In fact, when you think about how anxious you are, you will only feel that much worse. So, stay focused on your presentation and you’ll do much better.

4) Don’t worry about making a mistake during your presentation. Trying to be perfect will increase your level of anxiety. No one is going to boo you off the stage or make fun of you if you screw up a little. Chances are, no one will even notice. Others will accept the fact that we’re not perfect, and do not expect perfection. So just do your best. 🙂

5) Think positive. Thinking negatively before you present your presentation will only help increase your anxiety. Think positive thoughts and tell yourself you can do this and that you can get through this. Positive thinking is very helpful when you’re trying to do something you fear.

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