Practicing Self-Care During School

16 Jan

I’m currently in college and I know from first hand experience that dealing with mental illness during the semester is very difficult. I have experienced a number of awful feelings and breakdowns during my semesters in college, and back when I was in high school too. My mental illness effects my ability to perform well on my school work, which hurts my grades. School really tests my recovery sometimes, but I have to remind myself that I can handle what’s thrown at me, and that this is stepping block that will make my future successful. Here are some things to do though to maintain your recovery during the school year:

1. Have a relapse prevention plan. Talk to your counselor and make a relapse prevention plan incase you feel like your symptoms are coming back. Also, if a crisis arises, please make sure you know to go seek help from your high school guidance counselor or if you’re in college, your campus counseling center.

2. Manage your time. Staying on schedule can be difficult, but the best way to keep your stress levels down is to not get overwhelmed. You need to have a balance between your social life and your academics. It’s important. But more importantly, make sure you set some time aside for yourself!

3. Take care of yourself physically. Keeping a physical wellbeing is important because when we aren’t feeling good physically, it can take a toll on your mental health. Set up an exercise plan and follow it. Yoga is a great option for both physical and mental wellbeing. Make sure you’re eating a balanced diet because what you eat depends on how you feel. Certain foods can make you feel yucky and sluggish. Finally, the most important part of taking care of yourself: GET ENOUGH SLEEP. Sleep is very important to your body recovering from the day.

4. Get involved at your school. Find a club you like and get involved in it. It will keep your mind off some things and you can just relax for awhile and have some fun. Maybe you might meet some new people. 🙂

5. Find a teacher/professor, pastor, counselor, friend, or someone you trust to help support you and help you maintain your recovery. In my case, I have an amazing professor at my college that helps me through my worst days. I’m not sure I’d still be here if it weren’t for my English professor. Finding an amazing, caring, helpful person could be the key to helping you maintain your recovery during the stressful months of the school year.

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One response to “Practicing Self-Care During School

  1. prideinmadness

    January 17, 2015 at 8:53 am

    Time management was a HUGE help for me! Having time to prepare and write my essays made my life so much easier. It gave me time to do fun things for myself, like read books I wanted to read 😛

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