The Past

14 Jan

The Past
created by Jacob Michael White

The walls from my past came crashing down,

the tragic events made a pound.

Continuing to bleed from inside,

and my beating heart you shall hide.

The memories od yesterday’s’s untold pain,

a venture you sought through the rain.

A windowpane you shattered in this,

with my cry so distressed it sure was a miss.

Tomorrow’s yesterday is the futures past,

Oh, how it happens all so fast.

I cannot undo what has been done,

the price you shall pay is to always run.

Burry me in dirt on my past grave,

but please don’t save me, Knave.

The dark red blood that drips from your soul,

It’s too late, please become whole.

The past was then and the future is next,

for the rest of life, you will become perplexed.

Try and forget who you are,

you will always become one with the star.

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