Scared to Recover

05 Jan

At some point before you make the decision to go into recovery, you’ll fear recovery because you’re “in love” with your problems. They comfort you. Your addiction or your sadness, they’re there for you. And after struggling for so long, remembering what life was like without your inner demons is a vague memory. Your inner demons define you, your illness begins to define you, and you fall in love with being the way you are because without your problems, who are you? Recovering would mean getting rid of your problems. You would have to find yourself again and you’re not sure you can do that. So you want to keep your problems. You tell yourself, “oh they’re not so bad” trying to convince yourself that you’re fine just the way you are. But that’s wrong. Your problems shouldn’t make you who you are. Don’t let them define you. Don’t let them trick you into not recovering. Recovering is worth it, and you shouldn’t fear it. Don’t let your mind tell you lies that you should continue living a life struggling with your problems. Living life with an addiction or depression is not the way to live a healthy life you can enjoy. Keeping your problems, you will only prolong your misery. And the longer you let yourself go, the worse things get. Don’t let that happen. Recovery is an important part to being healthy, happy, and living a life fulfilling your dreams. Life can truly be great, but your problems have only showed you how cruel life can be. Life is both good and bad, that’s true, but you can overcome the bad and embrace the good. So, will you continue to let fear control you and keep you from recovering or will you be brave and decide to change your life for the better? The choice is yours, think about it. 🙂

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One response to “Scared to Recover

  1. Jacob Michael White

    January 6, 2015 at 8:43 am


    “Your inner demons define you, your illness begins to define you, and you fall in love with being the way you are because without your problems, who are you?” I really enjoyed reading this. It has been a bit of my motto the past month. When I attended a group on recovery, I was told this: “Your illness does not define who you are. It’s not what makes you. It’s only a part of you. A piece to the puzzle. So write whatever your illnesses are on a paper, then crumble it up and throw it away. Detach yourself from your illness.” This was very touching in its own therapeutic way. You nailed it to the point with what you said in this post. Great work!



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