02 Jan

When you’re in recovery, lets face it, relapse will happen. It’s part of the process of recovery unfortunately. But you should not let relapsing get you down. Get back up and start over again. Think positive. Whatever your addiction is, just try again. No one said recovery was easy. And things happen that send us back a few steps.

If you drink again when you’re trying to stay sober, get rid of the alcohol and start over again. Don’t beat yourself up over drinking again. If you do drugs again, get rid of them (as hard as that might be), and start over again and try harder this time. If you purge or starve yourself again, start counting the days you’re clean over again and try harder this time to avoid starving or purging. If you cut again, get rid of your blades (or whatever you use to harm yourself with), and start counting the days over again, aiming to go longer this time without harming. Whatever other addictions you might have, get back up after relapsing. Relapsing happens, but please don’t beat yourself up over it happening. Realize that it’s part of the process of recovery. You have to find other ways to express your built up feelings in positive ways instead of resorting to self-destructive methods of expressing your feelings.

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One response to “Relapsing…

  1. Jacob Michael White

    January 3, 2015 at 10:24 am

    Like I always say, Recovery is always possible. @literaturexprincess, you stated relapse very well. “Whatever your addiction is, just try again.” Very well said. Don’t give up because you relapsed, try again because your recovering. Relapse is a very important thing in recovery, believe it or not. Without a relapse every once in a while, you aren’t able to compare how far you’ve progressed. Friends, keep it up, and remember, recovery is possible.



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