Why Does Being Manic Feel So Great?

19 Dec

euphoria-300x204Those who have experienced mania will describe it as the best time of their life. From spending sprees to risky behavior; feeling like you can accomplish anything. It feels great, and others enjoy being around you. What many people do not know is that when in a manic state, you are actually affecting your brain, and damaging it.

“At first, mania brings good feelings, high confidence, creative ideas, and high energy.  This is the euphoric mania that is often described in textbooks.  Unfortunately this bright side rarely lasts more than a few days.  Gradually it transforms into impatience, anxiety, agitation and depression; painful sides of mania.”

When manic, we often find ourselves with the Sparkle Effect. What I mean by this, is that we’ll find ourself thought jumping and loss of concentration. Basically a mild form of ADHD.

The downfall to having a manic episode is that we can’t control it, and even with medicine, it won’t guarantee that you won’t have an episode. When it comes to relationships while, in a manic episode, you might find yourself hit with the following:

  • Mania makes you mistrust others intentions.
  • Mania causes you to lash out.
  • The other person becomes very afraid.
  • You become forgetful.
  • Confidence rises.
  • The other person becomes angry.
  • Your focus narrows.
  • Peace and satisfaction become’s hard to find.

“The bright side of mania is that the aspects of it are desirable: the high energy, confidence, socially engaging, good humored, fun-seeking side.  Unfortunately, this bright side of mania is short lived. The good news is that people with bipolar disorder often have unique strengths that persist even after recovery from mania. Research has found that they have greater emotional warmth, verbal abilities, empathy, spirituality, and open-mindedness.”

What can you do to change your outlook to a better, more focused and positive future?


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2 responses to “Why Does Being Manic Feel So Great?

  1. prideinmadness

    December 20, 2014 at 1:42 pm

    My anger sends me on a pretty awesome power trip that makes me feel like I can take over the world….but the damage after is always there.

    What I’ve done to change my outlook is have good people in my life. I’ve come to see that I don’t need rage to feel empowered because I have supportive people in my life who help me see my value.

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    • Jacob Michael White

      December 20, 2014 at 1:49 pm

      I totally agree with you, Prideinmadness. Having positive people in your life changes your overall view on life, or at least starts to form a different view for better. Remember to always stay true to yourself. Recovery is key, and it is POSSIBLE.

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