Everyday Codes to Live By

17 Dec

tumblr_mwtt3t5j8U1qbrs65o2_r3_250Regardless of our personality types, we’ve all made a judgement about a person, thing, or place. We also may find ourselves automatically approving the way a person speaks, stands, sits, or moves. However, sometimes those silent approvals turn into silent judgements, which turn into disapprovals of others who behave, do, or talk a certain way. The thing is, our expectations are based on rules, beliefs, and values that we were raised with. These rules might even branch off of a result from judgements or decisions we made as adults.

“It takes strong will to move the Earth, but it takes one voice to bring it all down.” -Jacob Michael White

This is how choices, or “codes” might look like: A person may resolve to never be late for an appointment again after losing his/her job due to being late. Or a person may decide to always keep the lights on at night due to a bad experience.

“In a way, these codes, or rules for life that we are constantly creating are like morse code, tapping out mental prompts to think or act in a certain way. These codes shape our attitudes and our behavior.”

Conflict might arise throughout our course of life because we might not click with other persons set of codes. In contrast to this, when we live up to our codes, we often find a bit of comfort. When others live up to our codes, we often feel comfortable associating ourselves around those individuals.

With that being said, what are you going to do today, that will impact tomorrow?

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