Empowering Others

12 Dec

How does one simply empower another with words? It’s easy, however each situation is different, and will often require a unique approach. Just like the situation, each person is unique. Note that being aware of these guidelines as an option can be very helpful, but it is always important and highly suggested to individualize your approach. Also remember that you have to cater to the person and not their problem. This get’s tricky, but with the power of empowering others, and the guidelines you are about to read, you’ll do great.

  • Listen. Let the person tell you what’s wrong, and let them express their feelings. In a sense, let them get it out. Don’t ever crowd the person’s feeling space.
  • Always check in before assuming that someone wants to talk about their struggles.
  • Make sure to always validate someones feelings.
  • Point out their strengths, and not their weaknesses.
  • Don’t try to be Dr. Phil! Validate what they’ve been through, and respond with an open-ended question, such as What length are you willing to travel to recover?
  • Always honor their choices. This is tough at times, because we may not always agree with what a person feels is best for them, but you should always honor their choices.
  • Put them in the helping role. Make them feel like they are contributing to their recovery.
Empowerment is a recovery pathway that’s always been about giving back. Since recovery is the persons job, the person is the one who needs the power, and that is why it is important to empowerthem to recovery. We are helping by showing them their strengths, and giving them the power to change. When we empower others, we’re validating and honoring them for their own expertise and strengths to navigate through their inner battles.
What can you do today, that will change tomorrow for a more positive and healthy path?
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